Portrait Drawing

Portrait Drawing

Need a very personal gift for someone you love, a very special social media profile picture or a giant portrait for your villains den when you try to take over the world for the next time? I got you covered!

Character Design for Mascots, Brands, Video Games, Books, Movies, Theatre plays

Character Design

I design characters who could become your brand mascot, novel protagonist, game character or fountain statue. I also do design and manufacture masks, for when you can’t or don’t want to show your face – like when you play a character on stage.



What’s your name? That sounds like a really nice name! What if I told you that in addition to sounding nice it also could look nice? I do letterings in different styles. Works great for Logos and Covers, Facebook images, personal gifts or just to get the message across in your next ad campaign.

Cover Illustration

I’m sure your next Book, Magazine or Music release is one of the best of all time in terms of content quality – Kanye West told me. I’d love to help you make it stand out visually.

Childrens Illustration

Illustrating for childrens books is my favorite thing to do, because it is where my skills essentially work the best: communicating feelings through illustrated characters, so everybody can understand them without the need for many words.

Editorial Illustration

Great information is always helpful but to have as much impact as possible a professional presentation of copy should always be accompanied with visual elements. My Illustrations help people understand what your article or data is about easily.

This is just an example of what I can do for you – Bottomline: If you like my style and you need something drawn: Get In Touch!